Are You Using the Right Tool for the Right Job?

Chefs, utility, paring, steak, and bread knifes can be found in almost any kitchen that is used on a daily basis. The real question is, when do you use each one?

When I was ten years old I was in my kitchen trying to cut an apple in half– with a paring knife. An hour later I was in the ER getting five stitches in my thumb. That was the day I learned the importance of using the right type of knife for its proper usage. Using the proper knife can help form crushing you food and can keep you safe from injury.

  1. Chef’s Knife– one used in my house daily for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing– commonly used on vegetables etc.img_chefs-knife
  2. Utility Knife– the perfect medium of a chefs knife and a paring knife this can be used for tasks like cutting meats or larger fruits if needed, or even simple jobs like cutting a img_utility-knifesandwich in half.img_paring-knife
  3. Paring Knife– similar to a chefs knife this one is used for more precise tasks like peeling things or culling up small fruits and vegetables
  4. Steak Knife– used to cut tougher meats once they are fully cooked this knife should be the only truly sharp knife that is offered within a meals place setting. This knife img_steak-knife.pngcan be serrated or flat.
  5. Bread Knife– long and serrated the bread knife will most commonly slice through the bread instead of crushing it like a non-serrated one. As well as this it’s great for slicing tomatoes or citrus fruits for the same reason.img_bread-knife

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