When the Ants Come Marching In; and How to Get Them to March Out

It seems as if every year, right after you’re tricked into thinking it might finally be summer for the third or fourth time, you see them– the ants. It starts as one crawling slowly across your counter, but right before it disappears one more seems to come out of nowhere. Sound familiar? In our house it sure is.

ant-trail1.jpgAnts can cause major damage in a matter of weeks in your kitchen; imagine the horror of hosting a dinner party and seeing one crawling across your main dish. They can cause even  ore damage than just stealing bread crumbs though. Ants have the ability to transfer thousands of germs every time they touch something– including your food.

If ant traps just aren’t doing it for you, and you still seem to find them every time you lift up a container, there are a few natural methods that can work. Sprinkling chalk powder or flour around places you’ve seen ants can help. They are drawn away from it and with their food source blocked off, will have no choice but to leave. If you’re trying to keep them out in the first place, try placing lemon juice at the barriers of your doors. Repelled by the citrus, they’ll have no way to enter.

These natural methods provide a safe way of keeping both chemicals and ants out of your kitchen, let me known if the methods worked for you, or if there are any others you know of that I didn’t mention. Happy cooking!


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