What Should You Really Be Doing Before Cooking?

Cooking is an art that is almost impossible to perfect, though many people try to. What many people don’t know is that part of the perfection in cooking happens before you even start to prepare the first ingredient. Following five easy procedures before you begin can help keep you safe and make cooking much easier.

  1. Wash your hands– Personal hygene is th eforst step to the safest way to cook. By throughtly washing your hands before touching anything you can take the first step to preventing any transfer of bacteria and germs form ourslef, to food, and eventually other people.
  2. Read the entire recipe and make sure you have every necessary item– One of the msot common mistakes in cooking is getting half way throught the recipe, then realizing you do not have every ingredient. By throughtly reading through the entire thing you cna be sure tp catch and missing items before you start cooking under a time constraint.
  3. Clean any counter top space in your kitchen– It’s impostant to clean any counter top space that you ahve, not just what you plan on doing. It’s easy to need more space then you think you might and you only create problems for yourself if you try to clean it off in the middle of cooking. As well as this a clean space also helps to orevent the spread of germs as bacteria sitting on counters ould get into your food if they are not cleaned before working.
  4. Wash any already unclean dishes in the sink– Having a place to put dirty dishes prevents the built up of them on the counter space you jsut cleaned.
  5. Take out all necessary ingredients and tools– having everything out already will prevent rushing to find things or burning the meal you worked so hard to perfect.

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